Bad News

Featuring Ethan Conway


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ABOUT Chasing Giants



Chasing Giants are a three piece R&B/Rock band that write and perform with a variety of different singers. Made up of members Ben Corby (Guitar), Maurice Webb (Bass) and Jake Arvonen (Drums), the three want to bring featuring artists, which is already conventional for DJ’s and producers, into a band environment. Chasing Giants have featured a unique roster of local Sydney singers including the likes of Carlos C Major, Ethan Conway, Maxine Champion, and Amastro. Chasing Giants crush the stereotypical aural palette into oblivion, teasing audiences with fresh heart-on-your-sleeve tracks such as Bad News and Dangerous. 

Like the perfect hybrid of biscuit and ice cream that is Maxibon, Chasing Giants are the ideal, scrumptious R&B-rock treat, drawing inspiration from Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars to Foreigner and David Bowie.