Chasing Giants are a 3-piece R&B/Rock band, who feature a variety of vocalists.



The Chasing Giants journey began when band members Ben Corby, Maurice Webb and Jake Arvonen all met by chance at JMC Academy, whilst studying their Bachelor of Music. During their time at JMC, the 3 consistently worked as session musicians recording and performing with a variety of singers across Sydney, quickly making a name for themselves as Sydney’s newest ‘it’ band.

As a product of their time as session musicians, they noticed that in popular music, the musicians often go unnoticed behind the shadow of the singer, so they decided to form ‘Chasing Giants’ to appropriate this and expose emerging Australian talent.  

Core Chasing Giants band members Ben, Maurice and Jake write the songs (music, melody, lyrics, arrangement and production), and then have guest vocalists sing on their recordings – an interesting twist that is leading the band to be widely noticed in the Australian market. The band is influenced by the style of producers such as Calvin Harris, DJ Khalid and Flume – in the sense that their albums have a variety of different vocalists for a unique collection of songs.

Historically, in the past 20+ years, the Billboard Top 10 chart has seen a huge variety of singers come and go, while the songwriters writing those hit songs, have stayed relevant. No one singer encompasses the variety of genres, moods and ever-changing interests of the public, as each person develops and refine their taste over a lifetime. As songwriters, Chasing Giants intend to remain relevant to their fanbase as they mature their style and develop a niche in the market.   By remaining committed to finding new vocalists and unique local talent, Chasing Giants will remain relevant in a similar way to songwriters Max Martin and Dianne Warren.

Chasing Giants differentiating factor from other bands and compilations, is that they genuinely place the emphasis on the song itself, rather than the singer. At their live shows they have different vocalists (to those on their recordings) sing with them, providing a unique and original experience that evolves at each live performance.  Fans of Chasing Giants enjoy this, recognising the juxtaposed flavour and style of varying vocalists whilst still being able to appreciate the meaning of the songs they know and love.

A unique advantage of working with a variety of singers, is that it allows Chasing Giants to fall naturally over a multitude of genres – carefully blending elements of existing styles to create new and modern sounds. Overall, their music has been labeled ‘R&B/Rock’, with their signature sound being “rock that makes you want to dance”.

The message of Chasing Giants is an ongoing aim to place songwriters and musicians at the forefront of popular music, and is focused on the goal of utilising a variety of vocal talent to keep their music fresh and original going into the future.